A watch box with ‘wind’!

Watch boxes - (26)Recently, a friend of mine mentioned in passing that an automatic mechanical watch is not truly ‘automatic’. Sure, if I happen to wear it 24/7, 365 days a year, there is no issue. But if I decide to store my watch safely for a few days or even years at a time, the rotors will stop spinning, and this leads to the main spring not being winded at all.

You see, the motion of my body keeps the gears going when I have the watch on my arm. Leave it for a few days in my watch box and ultimately I end up having to crank it, and manually set the date and time and any other functions the watch has. Surely, this is not a big deal if I had just a couple of watches, but my collection keeps growing every year through gifts and personal purchases.

Enter the watch winder watch box. This device has been a heaven sent for me. And with technology changes being so rapid, I have seen watch winders that come equipped with almost anything I would need, including silent motors, multiple watch storage, USB connections and apps I can download to fine tune rotations precisely to my precious watches.

The watch winder box that I personally have come with a silent motor and can handle up to 20 watches. All it does is mimic my arms rotations just enough to maintain tension at the mainspring. No more manual cranking or setting needs to be done now; I just grab the watch I want, and I’m off for the day!

The Nerd and Bow Ties

Bow ties tend to be something I find interesting because they do not fit into any standard stereotype. I see bow ties on KFC signs, Colonel Sanders sports the bow tie very well. I see bow ties in a variety of places on a variety of people of different social classes. This one accessory has no social standing, no social class, and continues being seen in a variety of places.

I remember seeing the bow tie on Pee Wee’s Playhouse. I did not realize this was the beginning of integrating the bow time in the stereotypical nerd, or geek, classification. The idea stuck in my head that bow ties were associated with nerdy kids in pants that are too short, socks that are too high, glasses with tape on them, and brightly colored suspenders. The stereotype was an over exaggerated and funny spin on intelligent, nerdy kids.

Then I saw a wedding where the groom wore a bright red bow tie (from bowtiehq.com.au) with an almost neon white tuxedo. It was then I started looking around and seeing the amount of famous people who wore bow ties. The famous people spotted in a bow tie include Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, and even Justin Timberlake. I even realized I had seen bow ties in my favorite Saturday morning cartoons. It was then I came to the conclusion that bow ties were one of the most versatile accessories ever made. They can be used for professional purposes, weddings, or as an everyday accessory.

Bridal Party Fascinators: Making Your Bridesmaids As Beautiful As You On Your Wedding Day.

Bridal Fascinators are there to give that little extra to your bridesmaid’s dresses and help them feel as beautiful as you do on your special day. These fascinators are there as an accessory to their dresses and tie all the wedding colors together.  The good thing about these fascinators from www.foreverfascinators.com.au is that they come in different colors and sizes, so you can pick one that will accent your bridesmaid’s hairstyle.

Choosing the right one can be difficult because you want them to look nice but don’t want to take away to much attention from you, since it is your day.  When you are looking for a fascinator you want to consider the styles that they have, they can be a bow, flower, or even have feathers.  Some even look like a hat, they come in headbands and clips.  You want to make sure your pick the right one that will hold up during the wedding and reception.

Your bridesmaid’s hairstyle plays a crucial part in what size and kind of fascinator you choose.  If you are doing a side ponytail or bun you want to so with something small to accent that.  But if you are doing a hair down look you might want to go a little bigger with a hat, flower, or bow fascinator.  You could also use a smaller one to accent a down hairstyle as well by placing it on the side of the hair.  All these decisions are up to you.  This could make a fun outing for you and your bridesmaids, trying out different fascinators.

Relaxing About without a Full Sized Hammock

So, I decided that I wanted to enjoy the comfort of my hammock chair. The only question is: did I have a hammock stand? I know I do, and for those who do not, it is highly advised that you do not risk any future sustained injuries, by purchasing on. I, like many others openly admit in confessing, that hammocks are extremely comforting to recline in. But, sometimes hammocks may not be ideal for use under certain circumstantial situations. Therefore, a substitute is needed. Whereas a chair can be the answer I am looking for. In my effort of substituting one thing for another I am interested in, I can only compromise a little bit in obtaining the object of my current desire – the hammock chair.

Though it may fit the bill to sound somewhat selfish, it may be that we are all with our imperfections as human beings. In stating so, the hammock chair still has the ability to provide me with the comfort and ease of a hammock. The feeling one gets from sitting in one, I generally contrast to sitting in a prized rocking chair. On a hammock chair, I feel lightweight with a breezy feel, rather than enduring the occasional leg paralysis on an old fashioned wooden rocking chair. Either way, the hammock chair can surely offer adaptability to almost any weather related situation. From rain, sleet, snow, and sunshine hammock chairs are there to quickly interchange in and outdoors.

Who doesn’t love a great mask?

When I was a kid, the best ‘holiday’ after Christmas and my birthday was Halloween. Why? Because I could be anyone or anything I wanted to be and I was usually anonymous behind my mask.

There weren’t always that many masks available when I was a kid, not like there are now. I much prefer the eye or half face masks since I can’t stand the closed in feeling I get when I wear the full face or head covering masks. It doesn’t help my claustrophobia at all!
I would make all kinds of masks for art class when I was in elementary school. I loved making paper mache masks but I learned how to make paper plate masks and even slip plaster masks. It was a fun way to be creative and get a good grade at the same time!

My mom always kept those little projects and it always made me so proud when she’d put them on display. I made all kinds once I figured out that I could decorate them with more than just paint. I used feathers, macaroni, rice … just about anything I could lay my hands on.

Now that I’m an adult and parent, I enjoy making masks with my son. It is something I can do with him that is fun for both of us. My boy isn’t quite as artistically inclined but I really had fun teaching him how to start making simple paper plate masks and then going on to the paper mache. I haven’t gotten around to teaching him the slip plaster yet, but that will be hilarious when I do.

Finding the Perfect Men’s Ring

I have been searching for the last several month to find the perfect ring for my fiancé; although I expected it, I was quite shock to discover the hundreds of different styles that are out there! I wanted to find something that was less traditional that a simple gold band; I wanted to make sure that it was a ring that would symbolize the exact type of man he is- relaxed, laid back, all-around fun guy.

We are creating a wedding on a budget so my sister recommended that I look on places such as Amazon and E-Bay to possibly find a ring. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this before! I found so many different men’s rings through those sites that fit my budget perfectly, and they are all quality rings! I think I might go with a black tungsten ring with faint caramel-colored highlights in it. I know it may sound weird, but the color combination is oddly flattering.

As a woman who has spent a fair amount of time shopping for the right mens ring, I recommend to other women, and men, to think outside the box when shopping. Unless you simply want to, you don’t have to spend a million dollars on a ring that will be just as beautiful and that your significant other will love just as much! Amazon, E-Bay, I am sure there are a host of other avenues out there to find the right piece of jewelry, you just have to get creative!

Best Tie Ever

I seldom wear a tie, but when I do … I have my absolute favorite that is the best tie ever! It’s comfortable, it never gets in the way, it’s easy to clean if it does find its way into my food and I can pretty much forget that it’s a noose around my neck. But I do try to remember that the right tie, even if it’s the one I like the most, will almost always garner the admiration I’m looking for.

I’m sure that some people think it weird that my favorite tie (from www.tiehq.com.au) isn’t really a tie even though it’s called one. It started out as the idea that a cowboy’s hat would stay on their heads no matter what. Cowboy hats, REAL cowboy hats, used to have a cord or piece of braided leather called a bolo. That’s where bolo ties came from. Some city-slicker saw the turquoise bobble holding the bolo together beneath the cowboy’s chin and figured other city folks would find it interesting as a fashion statement.

My favorite bolo tie is a suede braided bolo with copper aglets. The slide is also copper and I’ve had a half dollar size slice of amber-gold-brown tiger-eye set into it. The sheen of the copper and the tiger-eye really sets off the emerald green of my eyes and compliments my auburn hair. So long as I wear something in neutral tones, green or dark blue, I will always get compliments about my appearance. And it’s all because of my favorite tie.